About Us

Holderness Volleyball Club (HVC) was created in the 1980’s by George Dickson, a  handsome young local army recruit who envisaged a friendly family orientated volleyball club that caters for all levels of skill.

George Dickson

His passion and drive for the sport ensured that his legacy, HVC would survive through the decades, as indeed it has. HVC teaches more than volleyball. We pride ourselves on promoting teamwork, communication, friendship, chivalry, and honesty.

True to our founders’ vision, HVC currently fields two mixed sex teams with players of varying ages from 14 to 54. Our collective volleyball experience combines to create a great atmosphere for our teams and players, and we operate a system whereby good levels of play are rewarded with movement up through the ranks into the top team.

We offer the first four training sessions for FREE which include individually tailored coaching. Our coaching methods follow the standard practices endorsed by the Volleyball England Association with our sessions designed specifically to benefit both the team and the individual player. This strategy allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to develop the teams and keep everyone interested.

For the truly motivated players, we are able to offer movement onto higher training from the ex Great Britain captain of England Volleyball – Ben Pipes. Ben was captain of the Great Britain team at the 2012 London Olympics and has now retired from international duties to coach and play in his home city of Hull. Through Ben access to the top tier of volleyball is possible for any player if their level of play merits it.

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